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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lil Herb - Three Sick New Tracks

I'm loving a couple tracks off the new Lil Herb mixtape Welcome to Fazoland. They describe the situation on the south side of Chicago from someone who has lived to tell the story. These tracks should concern anyone who wants to understand a true proletarian perspective growing up with no hope - when the only light at the end of the tunnel is a train heading straight toward you. The fourth track on the tape, "Fight or Flight," doesn't have the strongest instrumental, but Goddamn does it have some awesome lines:
"Cause I don't come from Hollywood or Beverly Hills
I'm from where mothers don't care and babies get killed
Where you gotta rob and go steal for stomachs to fill
And it's hard for a young, black nigga like myself"
"4 Minutes of Hell Pt. 3" has a heavy, dark beat with a clutch high female vocal sample that does wonders for the mood and atmosphere for this track. Herb's flow is relentless here, he's gripping on the mic - the opening to this song is especially sick:
"My hunger is equal to my struggle
I came from nothin'
Grindin' then I made it to somethin'
The age of a youngin'
Started hangin' and bangin' and hustlin'
Exchangin' the customs
To make it in this dangerous jungle
In a treacherous war
People dying, nobody crying
All the shit that I saw
You expect me to sit on the porch?
Every moment is yours"
And "On the Corner" featuring Lil Durk and KD Young Cocky is my favorite on the whole mixtape. It has what might be the best use of auto-tune, next to Bon Iver and Imogen Heap, ever. I love this thing, it's one of my favorites of the year. Overall, Herb is one of the best examples of Drill/Trap coming out of the Mid-West currently.  Check out the tracks via this link.

Rating: 8/10

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